The Awakening

by Cortex

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Self-released 14.09.2015


released September 21, 2015

Logo by ArpKor Design
Album artwork by Filip Filipov
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivan Jamandilovski (Ambroz)



all rights reserved


Cortex Skopje, Macedonia

From : Skopje, Macedonia

Since the fall of 2012.

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Track Name: I, Awaken
In this world of multiple faces we are drowned
from our greatness we back down
Absorbing the energy and what is profound
this sanctuary of humanity is burned to the ground

An Inferior leads the human flock
down to the holes of ignorance and despair
my intuition leads my inner self to infinity and a different world

I am the Fist that brightens the skies
I will rise and break this barrier of lies
the ignorance spreads like pestilence in your brains
give me the chance to wipe it away and color your black and white reality

Postpone the carving on your tombs
and follow my idea of a different world

This is corruption, this is decay
revolt around yourself and keep the light in your living days

I am awaken
I am not forsaken
I am the seed that grows and shapes the road out of this wilderness

Wicked minds, incapable superiors
I аm autotheist - I am awaken
Track Name: Ytinamuh
Light years away in the outcast
Our laws are written on canvas
Your individual ignorance will not rule our lives
We drown in abyssal lies

Oh, the carnage
A saying that now should be
Hate grows in the minds of the people
who follow the elders that sit on a leather seats

Fear possesses your mind
Your ignorance pales the skies

Hypocrisy spreads among us, our fate is in the hands with white gloves

Fear possesses your mind
Your ignorance pales the skies

Now as we are kept in these darkened shrines
and our souls collide
We fight the darkness

Another song of the voiceless
Our ideals flourish with the mindless
Track Name: Vacant Entity
I'm lost in the sight of this dying entity
faceless, no colors to paint my imagination
I'm in the bottom of this oblivion
chained to this silence
I am life

Under fiery eyes
below frozen horizons
human consciousness is brought
to the point of madness

Dwelling on this desert island
emitting any primordial source of life
being surrounded by a sea of lifeless corpses
I create
I thrive

I never kneel
I never accept
to carry your weight on my back

Will you ever stop following the flesh carved with assets?
Will you ever understand how your humaneness fades?

I never kneel
I never accept
to carry your weight on my back
Track Name: Stillborn Domination
Rotting guts
one with the mud
Representing the furies that wave our denial
Making our lives
a subject
of disgust

By mutilated stillborn we are choked

from the void
Reaching the surface
painting these skies in pale shades
Blocking the light
that falls upon our eyes
in order to mock
the order in our flock

Damned are the highborn

Lost souls in this domain
Feed the sinners

Exposing us on filthy stories
we lose our senses

This presence of misty ages...
we roam in dirty circles

Under the frozen mountains
Our ideals will rise
and brighten these skies

Oh, these unearthed demons
Haunt us!